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Do not settle for simple uniforms. Customisation goes a long way—especially for school teams and businesses.

With over 50 years’ experience Classic Uniforms & Sportswear (CUS) specialises in bringing your designs to life with our embroidery and printing services in Wellington. From Corporate Uniforms and Certified Trade Workwear to Promotional Merchandise and Sportswear, we can provide it all.

Contact us with your company or team logo and we will arrange a free quote and free artwork for you to review. Don’t have a logo or have an outdated logo? Contact us and we can help with custom ideas and concepts. Our embroidery and printing services accommodate any need or occasion. CUS will assist you with the entire process: from the initial artwork to garment selection.

CUS offers our customers a wide assortment of available services including Embroidery, Screen Printing, Applique and Digital Transfers. We offer heat set transfers for sports numbers, team and player names and create custom sublimated uniforms.



In general, embroidery is considered a nicer and classier way to present a design. An embroidered logo is the preferred way to decorate a garment with a logo by many companies. Due to thread having dimension, an embroidered logo ends up being three dimensional. In addition, embroidery thread is coated and therefore has a sheen that helps the colours pop to attention.



Screen Printing is an eye catching and effective way to promote your business. It is a widely used technique as it allows the printing of large and often detailed designs onto garments in vivid colours. If you need to do a large full-front or full-back design on a garment – screen printing is the best choice.



Applique is a sewing technique in which patches of fabric are cut and layered on a foundation of fabric and then stitched in place either by hand or with a machine. The edges of the design are then turned over or covered with decorative stitching. Applique is used worldwide as a decorative technique for banners, clothing, and display items.



A heat set print is the standard method we use to put a simpler design onto our garments. If you are looking to print plain text, names, or numbers a heat set print may be the best method for you. We have templates of pre-selected fonts for customers to choose from making this process quick and effective.



Sublimation is the process of creating a custom uniform, all designs and colours selected are printed into the garment to create an imaginative and unique design specific to your desires. Sublimation is offered in four specific 100% polyester fabrics and we allow customers the opportunity to size up their teams. The last step is a computer-generated graphic for you to review and make changes. You can get more info on sublimation under the ‘DESIGN YOUR OWN’ tab.


Digital Transfer

A digital transfer is a service we offer when a design is too complex in detail to screen-print – such as a photograph, or when a customer would like a logo placed in an uncommon position on a garment. This image is instead printed and applied to the garment through a heat transfer.


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