Do not settle for simple uniforms. Customisation goes a long way—especially for school teams and businesses.Classic Uniforms & Sportswear (CUS) specialises in bringing your designs to life with our t-shirt printing services in Wellington. From staff uniforms and workwear, to promotional items, such as brand merchandise and sportswear, we have it all for you. Our shirt printing services accommodates any need for various occasions.

CUS will assist you with the entire process: from the initial artwork to the type of garment. Our customisation services include the following: embroidery, appliqué, screen printing and heat setting.

CUS works only with the highest quality of workmanship for our apparel. Get in touch with us so we can work with your requirements.


appliqué, sewing technique in which fabric patches are layered on a foundation fabric, then stitched in place by hand or machine with the raw edges turned under or covered with decorative stitching. Appliqué is used worldwide as a decorative technique for banners, clothing, and display pieces.


In general, embroidery is considered a nicer and classier way to present a design. An embroidered logo is the preferred way to decorate a garment with a logo by many companies. Because thread has dimension, an embroidered logo ends up being three dimensional. In addition, embroidery thread is coated and therefore has a sheen that helps the colors pop to attention.


If you need to do a large full-front or full-back design on a t-shirt for example, screen printing is the best choice. Putting a large embroidered design on a t-shirt would spell disaster for both the shirt and the embroidered design. The t-shirt material is too thin to properly hold all the embroidery stitches it would take to create a large design. It would not look good or last very long.


heatsettingThese logos, names and numbers are cut using different forms of media that give different effects. We can cut
numbers, names and logos out of this and heat press it on.

  • 1 colour prints
  • Low setups.
  • Very opaque.
  • Great consistency of colour for repeat orders.
  • Perfect for team names and numbers on